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Case Study

Sylvain Peretti

Professional Surf Kite Designer

Before Surfplan

"I have been a professional sail-maker since 1976, and also a paraglider designer since 1985. Since 2001, I have been designing inflatable surf kites.

CAD model

Over the years, I have used several software packages from different sources, all based in AutoCad, but these programs were only of limited help.

Designing kites with AutoCad was very time consuming! Even with AutoCad add-on software to help build the 3d model, plus a 3D/2D ruled surface converter to assist with projecting the plans, and many years of experience, it was still a very lengthy process, taking days of CAD work to produce the plans for each prototype.

Discovering Surfplan

SurfPlan modelAbout 2 years after starting work on inflatable kites, I discovered Surfplan. After taking a look at the demo version, I called David immediately, and have been using Surfplan for designing my kites ever since.



The main benefit is time saving. In building around 15 prototypes a month, it is very important for me not to spend time in doing repetitive jobs. Surfplan does all the work for me, and my plans are ready in a couple of hours instead of several days.

The time savings allow me to make more prototypes in the same time, so the final kite is refined to a better design.

There are also some specific features of Surfplan that have been very useful. 2-piece curved struts are something that previously had to be done by trial and error to get the right shape to match the curvature of the kite. Now it's a simple matter of selecting this type of strut, and Surfplan creates the perfect shape to match the canopy - easily done for a whole range of kite sizes.

Another useful feature has been the curved wingtips. Again, it's just a matter of clicking this feature on, and the kite design is updated.


Prototype2David has done some amazing work to make Surfplan such a very powerful and versatile program, but the most important thing about Surfplan is that it is constantly improved to fit closely with kite design innovations and designer’s wishes.

Surfplan is a true professional tool for kite and paraglider designers."

(Kite photos and text courtesy of Sylvain Peretti)