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 Surfplan Hobby version 5.2 (500Kb)  Updated 26-Nov-2019
  • If Windows Update is not up to date, you may get an error about missing DLL files. If this happens, please install the following support libraries, and this should fix the issue. You'll only ever need to do this once.
 Support libraries (14Mb)  Updated 21-Nov-2019
  • This Hobby version can be used to design inflatable surf kites and ram-air kites, allowing hobby users to build kites for personal use.
  • This demo download is for personal or evaluation use only.  This must not be used for any commercial purpose without the author's permission.  Please contact the author to obtain a licence for the professional version.
  • Windows XP is no longer supported.  Feel free to email if this is a problem, and I may consider it, but it's much easier to move on. 

SurfPlan and GliderPlan Professional

  • Many features of SurfPlan Professional are not available in the Hobby version.  For more details on the professional version, for commercial use only, please contact David Aberdeen.
  • SurfPlan Hobby version can design simple ram-air wings, but is not suitable for full-scale paraglider design.  If you are interested in commercial use for paragliders, parachutes and advanced ram-air wings, contact me for more details about GliderPlan Professional.