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 Surfplan Hobby version 5.2 (1.1Mb)  Updated 24-Oct-2016
  • This Hobby version can be used to design inflatable surf kites and ram-air kites, allowing hobby users to build kites for personal use.
  • This demo download is for personal or evaluation use only.  This must not be used for any commercial purpose without the author's permission.  Please contact the author to obtain a licence for the professional version.

SurfPlan and GliderPlan Professional

  • Many features of SurfPlan Professional are not available in the Hobby version.  For more details on the professional version, for commercial use only, please contact David Aberdeen.
  • SurfPlan Hobby version can design simple ram-air wings, but is not suitable for paraglider design.  If you are interested in commercial use for paragliders, parachutes and advanced ram-air wings, contact me for more details about GliderPlan Professional.