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There are two main products available for professional designers :-

SurfPlan logo

SurfPlan Professional is primarily for designing inflatable kites and wings for the surfing industry.  SurfPlan has been in commercial use since 2002, and is fully capable of designing bridled surfkites, C-kites, and surf wings.  Surfplan also has basic ram-air capabilities, and can be used to design trainer kites and other simple ram-air wings.

Screenshot - Bow

GliderPlan logo

GliderPlan Professional is the partner product to Surfplan.  Introduced in 2007, GliderPlan is for designing paragliders and parachutes.  It is also ideal for advanced ram-air wings, such as surf foils and snow kites.  It has powerful bridling cababilities, advanced skin tension, wing internal structure, and many more features that are unique to ram-air wings.

Screenshot - Paraglider

Both products are based on the same proven core technology, and both products provide :-
  • the same easy-to-use graphical interface and professional workflow management.
  • high quality, flexible panel output, ready for manufacture.
  • proven performance, in commercial use by major global manufacturers and designers.
  • ongoing software development to keep up with changes and innovations in product design and to continue making the design process easier, faster and more economical.

If you are interested to know more about these products for professional and commercial use, please contact